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2021 So Far: A Recap of the First 6 Months

by Newhaven Staff
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2021: The First 6 Months

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the year! 2021 is a huge landmark for us because it marks our 20th anniversary as a company.  We’re thankful for everyone that’s done business with us along the way and helped us get to where we are now. 

So much has already happened this year that we wanted to take some time to reflect. Every new product, service, and update we provide is designed to improve the experience of our customers and the world of display technology at large. This isn’t just a list of our accomplishments, it’s a collection of new resources that we’re proud to provide for engineers and display designers worldwide.

Here’s a rundown of all the new products, services, and updates we rolled out in the first half of 2021:

New Display Products

5.0" Sunlight Readable TFT LCD

In January this year we upgraded one of our most popular displays with sunlight-readable screens. This release was in response to many customer requests for a brighter 5.0” TFT that could be viewed outdoors and in brightly lit environments.

The new 5.0” Sunlight Readable TFT LCD is complete with an optional capacitive touchscreen.

Speaking of touchscreens, all our touchscreen displays are now compatible with disposable gloves. Perfect for medical devices and lab equipment.

Website Updates

Our web development team is always working hard to give you an exceptional online experience. Every update is driven by data and customer feedback to directly improve the site’s layout and functionality.

Fully Renovated Quality Center

We created a central hub for all things quality and maintenance. In our new Quality Center, you’ll find detailed information about our inspection process and certifications. Our Product Usage and Quality Standards guides are available here as free downloads.

All New Shopping Experience

Finding products on newhavendisplay.com is easier and more fun than ever. Each product category got a complete visual overhaul for smoother navigation and browsing. Now you can see all product details at a glance when you select any display and toggle between customization options. 

Check out our web shop’s new look:

Image of the updated TFT product category page on newhavendisplay.com
Updated Product Category Layout
Image of the updated product page layout on newhavendisplay.com
Updated Product Page Layout

Production Updates

To give you the best products and services, we need to make sure we’re working with the best equipment behind the scenes as well. Here are some of the upgrades we made in our headquarters facility where we manufacture our displays. 

Hot Bar Soldering Machine

Our new hot bar soldering machine offers a new vision system that improves the quality of the end product and increases productivity. This powerful new addition to our assembly line helps us meet increased demand and reduces production manufacturing lead time. 

Image of a technician using a hot bar soldering machine

Soldering Station Upgrade

We partnered with JBC Tools to outfit our production facility with new soldering stations. The new equipment includes multiple soldering tip sizes for more flexibility on display designs and value-add services. It also provides greater heat stability which improves our quality when soldering applications by hand.

Learn more about how we upgraded our soldering services with JBC Tools.

Engineering updates

Our engineering team is always finding ways to improve existing designs and implement new ideas. Take a look at how we updated some of our popular display designs to help customers and developers like you.

2.7″ OLED Displays

Our 2.7” OLED displays now have a sleeker, more compact design. With this update, these displays include a smaller bezel to make module assembly and installation even easier. The new slim bezel gives you greater clearance to use the bottom mounting holes on the display’s PCB.

See a side-by-side comparison of the old and new designs:

Close up image of JBC Tools Soldering Station
Side-By-Side Comparison of old and new designs of Newhaven Display's 2.7" OLED display

128×64 Graphic LCD

This display’s backlight now has an improved connection method for anode and cathode. The old design used thru-hole LEDs that wrapped around the PCB. This new design uses surface-mount LEDs connected to the PCB using thru-hole leads. The new setup provides a more streamlined profile that’s easier to work with.

Side by side comparison of Newhaven Display's 128×64 Graphic LCD

New Videos

This year we ramped up our production to bring you more videos about everything related to display technology.  All our videos are made in response to questions we receive from customers.  Leave a comment and let us know what videos you’d like to see next!

Electromagnetic Interference: Testing & Shielding LCD Displays

We sat down with our Applications Engineer to get the details on electromagnetic interference. This electronic phenomenon can cause serious malfunctions if you don’t know how to protect against it. Check out this video to learn all about EMI and find out what we do to protect our display products.

How To Avoid Image Burn-in (OLED & LCD)

There’s a big difference between image burn-in and image retention: one of them is temporary and harmless and the other causes permanent screen damage. After you watch this video, you’ll be able to spot the difference and know how to prevent it from happening on your displays.

Visit us on YouTube to watch more.

We’re always excited to deliver new products and services that benefit you. We’ve got a lot more going on behind the scenes and can’t wait to show you what’s coming later this year! For exclusive updates and the latest news, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter

In the meantime, you can browse our Articles page to read all the latest Newhaven Display blog posts. 

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