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Upgrading Our Soldering Services with JBC Tools

by Newhaven Staff
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The Best Tools for the Job

Our commitment to quality means we’re always keeping up with the most cutting-edge technology in our industry. Value-add services and customized designs are a core part of our business, so having the best equipment for our work is essential. Other manufacturers might get by on standard equipment, but our top-shelf services require the best tools for the job. That’s why we worked with JBC Tools to outfit our production facility with state-of-the-art Precision Soldering Stations.

Close up image of JBC Tools Soldering Station with Newhaven Display International logo in the top right corner of the image.

Improving Our Quality In Real Time

JBC’s specially designed equipment includes multiple soldering tip sizes for more precise soldering and improved accuracy. These tools lend themselves perfectly to our customized design services and give us more flexibility when performing detailed alterations. JBC’s advanced soldering stations also provide enhanced heat stability which improves our quality during hand soldering.

Passing the benefits on to you

These upgrades guarantee that you always get the highest quality products when you work with us. By staying current with cutting-edge technology, we’re able to deliver exceptional products and services to you. Our new soldering stations are one of the ways we’re expanding our manufacturing capabilities and maintaining our position as industry leaders. This new equipment helps us perform your customization and value-add requests with greater precision and efficiency than before. When you work with us on your next display application, you’ll enjoy faster and more flexible value-add services with the same great quality that you’ve come to expect.

“The quick tip change feature on the JBC equipment has allowed us to add application-specific tips without having to sacrifice throughput and increased downtime while changing tips during production.  In addition, the modules are easy to set up and heat up quickly which helps maintain quality solder joints without sacrificing productivity.”

  • Chad Rauch, Production Manager at Newhaven Display

We’re already seeing greater productivity and higher quality output thanks to JBC’s top-of-the-line machinery. Look forward to more upgrades like this soon!

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